Location Mersch (LUX)
Client Mersch municipality in cooperation with the Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures
Assignment Master planning und Plan Directeur: PAP
Planning Period From 2011
Planning Scope 49 ha
Team In cooperation with Planergruppe GmbH Oberhausen (landscape architecture), Ingenieurbüro Kühnert (traffic), Ingenieurbüro Wortmann & Scheerer (energy)
International Urban Planning Competition, 1st Prize, 2010

Quartier de la gare à Mersch

On the basis of the competition won in 2010, a forward looking pilot project for Luxembourg will be developed. This will use a holistic, integrated planning approach that will put people’s lives at the centre alongside ecological and economic concerns.

The spatial and functional connection of the Alzettebogen to existing urban structures will create a new central interface. This will be done by linking the old towns of Mersch and Beringen with the new quarter via Quartierplatz. Two connecting landscape joins with different free space qualities make it possible to connect the landscape areas “mountain and valley”. This places the planning area with the new residential quarter in relation to the superordinate natural areas.

The concept integrates various steps for the future-oriented development of the Alzette experience space. The upgraded station with its public transport connections is the pre-condition and simultaneously the central building block of the mobility concept. The spatial embedding of the new quarter into the superordinate green space, and also its zoning, guarantee a high quality of life in the different residential typologies. The quarter demonstrates a high potential for leisure and tourism through its spatial location. This is utilized by strengthening the outstanding natural space conditions. By closely dovetailing the different energy measures and the southern orientation of the quarter for solar living, optimal energy efficiency will be achieved.

Through a suitable density and a balanced mix of uses with different building typologies, a location with a high quality of life will emerge in the interplay between public, common and private free space.