Ort Düsseldorf Gerresheim (D)
Client Stadt Düsseldorf, O-I GLASSPACK GmbH & Co. KG
Assignment Masterplanning
Planning Period Since 2008
Planning Scope 31,5 ha
Team Hannelore Kossel (Open Space), Jochen Füge (Junior)
Workshop, 1. Prize, 2008

Glasmacherviertel Düsseldorf

For more than one century the south of Gerresheim was characterized by the glass manufactory. The so far isolated area around the former factory should be integrated in the district with ideas created in the workshop. Acces for the public and attractive utilization are major aims in the developed masterplan. Furthermore, three central ideas were defined in the process:

  • define a new brand with the Düssel-Park
  • strengthen the connection to the context – functional and spatial
  • interwove urban and landscape quality