Location Aachen (D)
Client Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW, Aachen Branch
Assignment General planning for urban land use planning, master planning, transport planning, open space planning, energy supply, design handbook, feasibility study university hospital
Planning Period 2010 (start of construction)
Planning Scope 60 ha
Team in cooperation with WBP Landscape architects Bochum (landscape architecture), BSV Büro für Stadt- und Verkehrsplanung Aachen (transport), Ingenieurbüro inco Aachen (energy)
International urban design competition, 1st Prize, 2007

Campus Melaten Aachen

The urban development concept for the new Campus Melaten is based on the following guiding ideas and objectives:

– starting a dialogue between landscape and city

– joining the existing and new buildings into a distinctive spatial “figure”

– creating a campus park as a central communicative area

– formulating entrances and creating addresses

– developing distinctive identities in each sub-area

The location’s existing potential, e.g. the brook valley, the forest and the vicinity to open countryside, are used and strengthened. The construction panels and the central campus park are developed from the present landscape structure and topography.

The central development arch joins the present landscape to form a distinctive spatial figure. A green boulevard, which is the backbone and a public space at the same time, endows an unmistakable identity upon the new campus.

It connects the existing university structure with the new science location.

The centre of the new campus consists of a park, using the existing green space structure. Connecting present and newly designed elements, it also establishes a relationship with the surrounding landscape. Solitary buildings with a higher degree of public use are embedded in the park. The ground floors accommodate service functions in particular, stressing the public character of this area.

Two high points at the north and the south ends mark the area’s two central entrances – even from a distant point of view. A new public space in connection with a landscape bridge creates an attractive bridging at the intersection to the Hörn and Königshügel quarters.